Affordable Housing

Digital Fabrication of Affordable Housing for Somerville, MA

Exhibit Structure
Daniel Joe Garcia
Ankur Podder
Ai Bui
Michelle Xie
Megan Ochalek
Laura Y Li
Chheangkea Ieng
2018 (May)

Machines & Materials
Laser cut fiber board, 3D Printed PLA, Laser cut acrylic & acetate

This three-family, Victorian style prototype demonstrates the potential of high precision, digitally fabricated, wood-frame construction. This model is 1/6thfull scale, built of interlocking, laser cut and 3D printed components.  

This method of design, computing and fabrication is defined as Planar Modeling, a computer graphical method of 3D decomposition. The system decomposes a starting shape into modules first, followed by decomposition of each module into flat planes complete with interlocking joineries. 

Affordability derives from the removal of any manual measuring and manual component manufacturing. Data for every component is generated by the computer. As software, Planar Modelingsupplies the designer with measurements for material use, machine tool paths and time to assemble either by hand or robotic assistance. The advantage of Planar Modelingis that component geometry used to fabricate this prototype can also be used to fabricate a full-scale product using common CNC machines (computer numerically controlled) found frequently in cabinet making and wood working shops.