H22 Overview

H22 Shelter Design

Exhibit Structure

Year: 2022

This commission for three small shelters intends to evoke childhood feelings of curiosity and excitement through physical engagement. The shelters were designed to be part of the H22 festival in Helsingborg, Sweden summer 2022, sponsored by IKEA. Each shelter encourages the user to notice and reflect on their surroundings in the forest by engaging the body, the eye and the mind. The shelters were fabricated from thick interlocking plywood components assembled with clamps, mallets and crowbars. No power tools were used to assemble the shelters on site. This page chronicles the project’s development from conception to final assembly in Helsingborg. Most importantly, each shelter was designed, prototyped and assembled by two students as part of a two-semester research course.



3D Printing

Laser Cutting

CNC Fabrication

Scale Prototype