Very Large Scale Prototypinga

Pilot Study

Students: Ki Woong [G], Vernelle Noel [G], Kristian Fennessey [UG], Juanita Ballestros [UG]
Collaborator: Prof. Lujie Chen (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

Year: 2012

Machines: Laser Cutter

Materials: Masonite & Plywood

This project is demonstration of a novel prototyping system that allows for rapid manufacture of models many times larger than the manufacturing device. Very Large Scale Prototyping (VLSP) is a software demonstrator that manufactures artifacts directly from 3D CAD data, CAD/CAM manufacturing machines and sheet materials. The impact of VLSP will be expansion of prototyping from small-scale prototyping whose maximum sizes are in centimeters to design prototyping in meters. VLSP will empower designers of very large products from cars, boats and houses to rapidly produce forms that are larger than the manufacturing device or with multiple manufacturing devices. The process can facilitate production of any designed shape of any size. Full Report