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Exhibit Assembly



Research Project

Mass Customized Design for New Orleans

Research Objective
This work is a novel exploration of a computational process used to physically produce customized building designs. The aim of this design system is exploration of an interactive relationship between building design, manufacturing and assembly of small structures. Although the computational work in this project can be applied to any environment in need of newly built structures here the focus is on design production of relief structures for New Orleans as a way to temporarily house people until permeate housing is constructed. This research provides a theoretical overview of a rule based system used to convert a design model to constructible wooden components..

Research Method
Design examples in this study embody a range of styles from New Orleans shotgun houses to modern designs also found in New Orleans. They show how customization can be detailed or broad as a way to manage variation between buildings in particularly in the façade. Today carpenters in New Orleans have begun digitally fabricating these details from design data opposed to traditional hand crafted methods (Central City Millworks). This research project seeks to customize fabrication of the entire building in addition to the details with direct manufacturing. The advantage of direct manufacturing is a reduction in errors in manufacturing quality, assembly and time it is precision manufacturing of the building detail and interface for precise fitting. Design variation between components is possible with flexible tools such as parametric modeling software and flexible manufacturing.