Plate Forming

Project LuBan

Bench Test


Prof. Lujie Chen (SUTD)

Prof. Lawrence Sass (MIT)




Laser Cutting, CNC/Fibrex Board, Plywood

A difficulty for designers of all types is physical manufacture or prototyping of very large model directly from a 3D CAD models. Unfortunately, 3D Printing devices produce models of limited sizes. Prototypes greater than one meter square are expensive and require very long lead times. Also, most CAD tools are programmed for the production of drawings, renderings and animation - visualization. Project LuBan is a software demonstrator that decomposes a 3D shape into interlocking puzzle pieces ready for 2D laser or CNC cutting. Alternatively, LuBan is focused on supporting physical design production using machines and ultimately robotic instruments. LuBanis great for prototyping models and final products greater than one meter square using low cost materials, simple computer controlled cutting devices and hand guided assembly. LuBan decomposes or puzzles shapes in a number of ways from contouring to cross-contour and finger jointing. Best is that LuBan packs parts on to individual sheets of sizes specified by the user. It is fast, simple and easy to use.