Desktop Prototyping

Desktop Prototyping

Pilot Study

Student: Carlos Barrios (G)

Year: 2003

Machines: Stratasys: Fuse Deposition Modeler

Materials: ABS Plastic, Laser Cutter & Acrylic

Since the days of Michelangelo architects have used physical models to explore and evaluate building form and spatial content. Physically large models help designers understand space by allowing them to place their eyes and hands the model. Alternatively, smaller models can aid the study of form through a bird’s eye view of the building as an artifact. Scaling a model from one size to another is a major challenge in design production. Physically large models require many levels of detail while physically small models require almost no detail. Here numerous models were constructed at different scales as a way to explore the problems associated with scaling. The models illustrated the need to rebuild joints and details with each step up in scale starting with physically small models.