Desktop Prototyping

Building Modulation

Pilot Study

Students: Chris Marin [G], Ulyses Reyes[G], Mali Wagner [UG], Madeleine Bairey[UG]

Year: 2013

Machines: Laser Cutter, Sratasys Fuse Deposition Modeler

Materials: Masonite, Acrylic Paint

This project began new explorations into ways to design low cost housing using digital fabrication equipment. The aim of the summer was exploration of high precision small-scale modulation for building components leading to a change in building delivery methods. We will first analysis existing small modern houses and production through readings; site visits to Cape Cod and a visit to a prefabricated home in Weston, MA. Second, we will design a modern house anew based on current technology. The core of the work was built in the third week of the summer once students began designing and manufacturing modules of the building in CAD (Rhino V5) and Prototyping using Masonite, Cardboard and 3D printed models. We discovered that it is possible construct buildings of components using a variety of fabrication techniques from rapid prototyping and laser cutting techniques.