Desktop Prototyping

Reconstruction from a Drawing: Baldassare Peruzzi

Exhibit Structure

Collaborators: Gary Van Zante (MIT Museum) & Richard Tuttle (Tulane)

Year: 2007

Machines: 3D Printer

Materials: Plaster

This project was reconstruction in 3D of a drawing was suspect to be drawn by the architect and painter Baldassare Peruzzi around 1520. The drawing size was approximately one meter in height. It was found hanging in a frame at the office of Shepley Bulfinch Architects. Until the early 2000's no one thought it could have been the work of a famed architect. Speculation has it that the drawing was generated to serve many purposes, but few historians assumed the drawing to be a design for a building. My role was to consider the drawing as a sketch of building, possibly a palace. I was expected to reconstruct in three-dimensions Peruzzi's spatial and formal intentions. Models here are the result of a process based on the evaluation and verification of the two-dimensional drawings.